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We support the mission of the Be Sensitive Foundation.

As an incubator for a new generation of social impact investors, we've developed a strong community of peers, we have a great network to source transactions for new business partnerships and joint ventures.

Ann R. Moore, Director of Business Development

The interest in social innovation investing has led financial institutions to create impact investment funds. Investment bankers get starry-eyed with projections of a US$1 trillion (US$1.25 trillion) market for this emerging asset class by 2020. Our ideal partners are already engaged in making social innovation investments or seeking to enhance their public relations investments by co-branding our projects.

James e. Woody, Chairman, President

Perhaps the biggest reason social innovation investments are going mainstream is because of certain demographics - millennials - who increasingly want their money to be making a difference. They want a fair return, they also want to have a positive impact. They want their money aligned with their values.

William J, Cohen, Director of Corporate Affairs

We're focused on advocating social innovation investing, with underlying responsibilities to youth that are gifted innovators and talented inventors. We can't do it alone. That's why we partner with business leaders, funders, community leaders, and policymakers who can work toward a common goal.

Rosaline M. Johnson, Director of Be Remarkable Projects

Together, we are creating a new social innovation investing matrix.


We have a comprehensive checklist, or a set of required litmus tests for a project to be considered venture philanthropy and we have constituted an overlapping set of characteristics to this new approach to philanthropy.

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We help young innovators, technologists and artists take ideas from concept to demonstration to market. Innovators can be given upto two years to research, test core assumptions and iterate their social impact inventions before building out an entire project.

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There are gifted students sitting in classrooms all around the world. We are an advocate for gifted and talented students and the nonprofits that catering to their needs and help ensure they become social contributors of their talents.

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