We are engaged in a new ecosystem to direct capital and innovation to tackling social and environmental issues.

Our 'big tent' approach to venture philanthropy is the right one because it reflects the inherent strengths of the philanthropic sector itself.

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Advocating Impactful Investments

We are growing relationships with a community of serious advisors, supporters and sponsors to help meet the diverse needs of our philanthropic partners and social impact affiliates.


Expansive Participating Alliances

Our mission involves uniting brilliant nonprofits and cause based projects, within a community having a focus on humanitarian efforts, education and innovative ventures.


An Inclusive Opertional Structure

We seek to serve as a community for innovative groups, working on exceptional projects, including social entreprenurs, technologist and global development groups.


Ethical Corporate Network

Our alliance is with individuals and organization, including family offices, private foundations that demonstrate leadership and celebrate excellence in responsible business.



what we can do together

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Melinda French Gates

What nonprofits can learn from Coca-Cola.

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Banned TED Talk: Nick Hanauer

Rich people don't create jobs.

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Credit Suisse

Investing for Social Change.

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Bill Burckart,

Impact Economy North America.

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Credit Suisse Wealth Report

Global Wealth All-Time High.

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Ondi Timoner, two-time Sundance Prize winner.

When genius and insanity hold hands.

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Marina Nash | TEDxAIMS

Connect, Empower, Educate, Restore.