The Opportunity

A Global Be Remarkable Movement

Despite the buzz surrounding impact investing, it remains a small proportion of the estimated US$13.6 trillion universe of global funds invested in sustainable and responsible strategies.

Impact Investing Advocate

We are growing relationships with wealthy advisors, multiple financial firms and family offices to meet the diverse needs of our philanthropic partners and affiliates. Our alliances allow us to unite successful investment professionals with our community having a focus on impact investing, education funding, and innovative ventures. Services include handling the business, financial engineering, structuring and organization of all the documents required for EB-5 compliance for placement offerings.

Social Innovation

Wall Street Investment Bank

Our Wall Street connection has over a 100-year history as a Broker Dealer/Designated Market Maker ("DMM") on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange ("NYSE"). Areas of expertise include an Investment Bank focusing on emerging growth opportunities in the United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia. The firm focuses on funding opportunities in the one to 50 million-dollar range, segments include early-to mid-stage Life Sciences/Med Tech, Entertainment, Technology and Natural Resources.

The Participants

Boutique Investment Bank

Our boutique investment affiliate is a privately-held, corporate-banking firm dedicated to providing corporate finance, trade finance, cash management, human capital resources, insurance, and consulting options. The firm also serves as a corporate holding company that manages the group's interest over its 14 subsidiaries and affiliates, including Capital Funding Solutions and Capital Banking Solutions, with funding capabilities ranging from five to 300 million dollars.

The Solution

Social Impact Investments

As a accelerator, we support promising social enterprises and direct them to the capital and guidance they need to execute their commitments to a new community of investors. Our alliances provides funding through numerous family offices, private foundations, and commercial institutions for projects that offer measurable social and/or environmental impact in addition to profit. An approved designated Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), clients are provided EB-5 Regional Centers.

Our Funding

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While estimates of the current size of the impact investing sector vary, is likely larger than US$ 46 billion.

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